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Helix Broadheads (Right Bevel) 3-PACK

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To Suit RW (Right Wing) Fletching

Like a knife blade flying through the air, the Helix Broadhead is one serious piece of metal. Its unique design creates a rotating motion in flight that works in tandem with your fletchings to create an ultra-stable flight path. The single bevel design in combination with the 62-thousands of an inch thick metal (72-thousands for the 125 gr. which is over double the thickness of most broadheads) creates a devastating effect on the target. Whereas many broadheads with bounce off, or pivot around a bone, the Helix is designed to crash through causing the most damage possible. Honed to a razor’s edge from the factory, the Helix Broadheads can be resharpened again and again for years of use. Speaking of sharpened, the Helix Broadhead is also sharpened on the backside! The reason for this is two-fold, it helps eliminate meat caving in around the arrowhead and lessens the “wrap-around effect”, and if the broadhead were to get stuck inside an animal, the multiple cutting edges cause more damage with each move the animal makes.


  • Number of Blades: 2
  • Cut Diameter: 1-1/16" (85 gr.), 1-1/8" (100 gr.), 1-3/16" (125 gr.)
  • Blade Thickness: .062" (.072" for 125 gr.)
  • Weight: 85, 100, 125 gr.
  • Quantity Sold: 3 Pack
  • Includes a Convenient Storage Case
  • Made in the USA

Note: The Helix Broadhead is built to accentuate consistent arrow rotation. To best take advantage of that, the Helix is designed for right-wing fletched arrows.