Service Packages

New Bow Set-Up $75.00

Adjust draw length, bow weight, wheel timing, install and tune all new accessories.

** INCLUDED with purchase of bow and accessories!

Tune-Up $35.00

Tune rest, adjust weight wax strings, check nock, install loop, check timing.

Bow Services

Hourly Rate $60.00

Peep Sight Installation $10.00

Rest Installation $15.00

Adjust Draw Weight $5.00

Adjust Draw Length $5.00

Quiver Installation $5.00

Set Timing $25.00

Replace Limbs $75.00

Replace Cams $75.00

Arrow Services

Refletch Arrow - Helical $3.00 ea.

Cut to Length $0.50 ea.

Taper Wooden Shafts $1.00 ea.

Install Inserts or Points $0.25 ea.

String Services

Install Nock Set $1.00

Silencer Tie-In $5.00

D-Loop (incl. loop) $10.00

Reserve Center Serving $10.00

Crossbow Center Serving $15.00

Custom Flemish Twist (BCY 55) $29.95, (BCY Fast Flight) $39.99

Custom Endless Loop $29.95
All prices are for labour only, parts are additional unless otherwise noted.