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Ruddell Outdoor Equipment

Flemish Bowstring BCY B55 (Dacron Polyester)

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• High quality Flemish bowstring for all recurve bows or longbows.

BCY B55 (Naturally stretches but is suitable for older bows and bows without reinforced limb tips)

PROS: Good for reduced sound and bow vibration
Cons:- More likely to stretch needing more twists and brace height measurement checked regularly.- Slows down arrow speed, can affect arrow tuning.

PLEASE NOTE: Recurve bowstring lengths are listed as AMO length - the actual length is approx. 3-4" inches shorter than the marked length. Please order a string by the AMO length of the bow.The AMO length of the recurve or longbow is printed on either the limb or the side of the grip depending on the bow manufacturer.