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Bearpaw Full Length Natural Barred Feather RW (Dozen)

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  • Natural feathers with unique striped pattern
  • Great for all types of archery at all draw weights
  • Shield cut profile have a flatter profile to combine stabilization and arrow speed
  • Length: Full
  • Sold in a 12 Pack
  • Right Wing Helical

Turkey feathers are the choice of arrow builders the world over. These non-dyed natural barred not only look great, but have more of their natural oil line to be water resistant. These are primary flight feathers for durability and quality.

Bearpaw feathers feature a consistent quality quill for a solid gluing surface, and the full length measures approximately 6½" to 8½" in length.

What Wing Feather to Shoot?
It is an old belief that Right handed (RH) shooter must shoot Left wing (LW) so the arrow spins away from the riser on release. This is not the case. An arrow only starts spinning once it is several feet in front of the bow, so feel free to shoot Left or Right wing.