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RAD Trio Peep Sight (3 Strand)

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• A horizontal mounted polymer peep sight mounted by splitting the string into three strands at 120 degrees

• Preferred by archers who want the security of knowing no more than one strand will ever cross the aperture hole assuring that vision will never be completely obstructed.
A good alternative to a rubber tube type peep sight setup
Works exceptionally well on Single cam bows like PSE Stinger, Mathews Solo Cam bows which can be prone to string rotation as the length of the bow string is longer than 2 cam bows as it length is doubled by the top cam acting as an idler wheel, thus often prone to rotation that makes a regular peep difficult to keep aligned.
Color: Black Only

Peep Hole Sizes (Inches to mm):

15/64 = 5.95mm

43/16 = 4.8mm

5/32 = 4mm