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Easton Deluxe Hip Quiver Camo Right Hand

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This beautifully appointed quiver features oversized compartments, internal pocket dividers with removable arrow dividers and fleece lined arrow compartment interior and a rigid moulded frame.

The world's top archers shoot the best arrows and need the best gear. Building upon the feedback and advice of professional archers, Easton designs shooting accessories that will bring your game to the next level.

Quiver is 47cm long x 15cm wide or 18.5" x 6" with triangular designed arrow pockets with removable arrow dividers and fleece lined arrow compartment interior and a rigid moulded frame to allow easy entry and removal of arrows.

Five pockets provide ample and convenient storage space. There are binocular, external & internal zippered accessories pouches to stow your hex wrench, spare parts, nokset or string and an external belt clip to hang arrow puller.

Overall quiver measurements are 47cm long x 22cm wide or 18.5" x 8.5".

On the front of the quiver, there is a large D shaped see-through mesh pouch which shows off the contrasting quiver colour, with a full two-way zipper closure, to give you loads of storage space, measuring 20cm long x 18cm wide or 8" x 7" with 3 vent holes.

Pouch is 14cm long x 10cm wide or 5.5" x 4" with magnetic easy-close, silent flap to hold tab or release.

Comes in an attractive two tone colour and the famous Easton diamond logo on the front of accessories pouch.

There are two rings to attach your towel, release aid, binos or finger tab. Quiver is durable and has a sturdy, lightweight nylon and moulded foam body. The oversized compartments, zippered external pockets and internal pocket dividers complement the top pocket to stow release aids, pens or your PDA. There is a bow square slot and 2 D rings.

Whilst it is called a hip quiver, it is also known as a side quiver.

Easton Deluxe Hip Quiver

  • Wide tube mouths for easy entry / removal of arrows
  • Fleece-lined interior and removable arrow dividers for quiet and customised arrow management
  • Semi-rigid front facing compression moulded arrow body eliminates the need for separate arrow tubes
  • Integrated bow-square slot and dual accessory attachment rings
  • Attached upper magnetic-closure pocket
  • Sturdy, durable, quiet, attractive high denier woven fabric and moulded foam body
  • 2 hooks for towel, release aid, binos or finger tab
  • Superb workmanship and finish from Easton
  • A good choice for recurve or compound archers
  • Easton logo on front pouch plus free decal
  • Available in right and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Comes in RealTree Xtra. Also available in Silver, Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Fluoro Green and Teal which are sold separately

Easton has made a commitment to expand its line of quality archery accessories. Excellent style and functionality were the goals.

Easton has put a lot of thought into the design of their quivers and has built them with the shooter in mind. Arrow, tubes, score card pockets, pencil holders, all were well thought out.

Progressive, unique high end innovative design from the arrow experts, Easton.

Be seen on the line or on the range with an Easton Deluxe Hip Quiver.