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E1 Archery

E1 Carbon "Sexy Leg" Bend Clicker- Right Hand (IN STOCK NOW!)

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The E1 Carbon "Sexy Leg" Clicker comprises 3 parts, the clicker itself, the locking star and a tightening tool. The carbon blade is more precise than a steel blade and delivers a snug fit and a clear, positive, audible "click" sound. Traditionally, many competitive archers would purchase a carbon clicker with a metal cap on the end and then remove this cap prior to use. We've removed this step! By providing an all carbon clicker that is easily tightened to the riser to avoid any kind of movement whilst shooting. As well as being a slightly unique design, the benefit of having a clicker at such an angle, means that regardless of how far the clicker is extended along the plate, the end of the clicker will always be vertical in relation to the arrow. This stops any rotation or additional clicking noises when the clicker is passing over the bulge of the point. 

Please note, as this version of the clicker includes a bend, this is suitable for RH archers only, for LH archers, please look at the  Carbon "Sexy Leg" Soft version.

Features include;

  • All carbon, pre-bent blade
  • Low profile blade
  • Always keep its curve, will not get out of shape
  • Softer feel on arrow
  • Snappy, loud, distinct click
  • No annoying buzzing sound
  • Very high quality
  • Easy to adjust
  • Available in a smart black cross-hatched black colour

Designed by 2016 Rio Olympic Medallist Alec Potts.

These E1 Clickers are taking the Olympic recurve world by storm and podium placements are rapidly increasing.