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Bohning Blazer Vanes - 50 Pack

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Bohning set the standard for arrow fletchings for compound bow hunters and 3-D target archers with its Blazer Vanes. The 2-inch vanes offer a high profile, while keeping a short overall length, which maximizes speed, while still enabling the vanes to steer the arrow. And they only weigh 6 grains apiece.

  • The best hunting vane on the market!
  • The original 2" vane that changed archery forever
  • Designed for both fixed and mechanical broadheads, but great for crossbows and 3D archery
  • Steep leading edge angle and unique material create lift
  • 1.987" in length with a profile height of .568"
  • Weighs just 6 grains!
  • Sold in 50 packs